Diary July 28, 1914

Austrians celebrate war with Serbia
Austrians in Vienna celebrate the opening of hostilities with Serbia.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, July 28, 1914:

AUSTRIA DECLARES WAR ON SERBIA at noon. Emperor Francis Joseph signs with tears in his eyes. Manifesto declares no quarrel with Russia. The telegram is sent in French via Bucharest to Belgrade.

Kaiser Wilhelm II finally reads Serb ultimatum reply and calls it ‘A great moral victory for Vienna, all grounds of war disappear’. The Kaiser cables the Tsar that he will use his influence with Austria, but also says ‘England alone carries the responsibility for peace or war, no longer us’. His telegram of 22:25 to Vienna suggests mediation only after Belgrade falls.

Russia says southern corps will be mobilized tomorrow: partial and general mobilization orders prepared, but no hostility to Germany.

Fleets ordered to war bases: at 17:00 British Fleets ordered to Scapa Flow and other war stations. From there the fleet can dominate the North Sea and block German ships to and from the world’s oceans.

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