German BR 4 line in War Thunder

War Thunder German BR 4.0 line – or how to win with two German PzKpfw Churchill tanks a ‘Realistic battle’ vs 6 Russians players?

PzKpfw Churchill
The German captured tank PzKpfw Churchill

In June 2016 the German BR (battle rating) line 4.3 seemed extremely attractive after the introduction of the ‘Uhu’ night fighter (Eagle owl) and the captured tank KV-2 (both premium vehicles), in addition to the still existing ‘Dicke Max’ and the Bf 109 G-2.

But once the author has fought 130 battles in War Thunder with it, however, had to be found out that 112 battles (86 per-cent !!!) are against the totally cheated Russian bias T-34-85 models (on BR 5.0 or 5.3).

Since this is very stressful on duration and prepares little fun, then followed the acquisition of the Russian captured tank T-34-747(r) to the already existing PzKpfw Churchill and PzBefw IV to form a powerful German BR 4.0 line.

Thus, the following results were achieved in the last few months:

Results with the German BR 4.0 line

JuneJulyAugust (so far)
Battles Total737445
at BR 4.0 (optimal)11 (15%)25 (33%)11 (24%)
at BR 4.3342221
at BR 4.724188
at BR 5.0495
Victories %63%67%55%
Average Kills1.521.932.24

Now please check out this video (Replay mode) for more details about it:

How to create a successful setup line ?

Unless you have at least enabled eight of the 10 available slots, you should of course be sure to use not only your favorite, bought premium vehicles or top-result vehicles.

Important next to two optimum and battle-worthy tanks for the respective BR (Battle Rating) are a relatively quick vehicle to conquer the CAPs. For the Germans this is not so simple, most likely is still the Pz II H (but a paid package) or later, the Panther A or II.

In addition, it still requires two tank destroyers, as these cost less spawn points and you still can thus use after losing the top vehicle. One of the tank destroyers should thereby have a lower by one BR as the supreme vehicle of the deck, as this just costs a maximum of 190 spawn points (at the beginning, after the first loss of course it’s 390).

Furthermore, two anti-aircraft vehicles (AASP) are needed. Again, choose the best one in its BR class, and another, which is located at least one BR lower. The second one is definitely the cheapest vehicle to intervene again in the battle (150 spawn points, even after the loss of other tanks).
Many Teams lose battles too often, since the players involved do not have cheap vehicles available anymore after the loss of another tank or plane to intervene in the battle. Although these vehicles are often quite weak, sometimes it is sufficient to kill a tank, aircraft, many hits with the rapid-fire guns or the conquest of a CAP zone, which will allow you to come back with a more powerful vehicle.

Ultimately, you should still own at least one bomber and fighter (best are fighter-bombers with bombs from 1,000 lb (ca. 454 kg) or at least 500 lb (ca. 227 kg)). Optimal is also here, if your BR offers not so many suitable ground vehicles, additionally to use each a fighter and a ground-attacker/bomber with one BR below the top Battle ratings. This could be used during the battle for much fewer points to.
This is often useful when the battle is already lost and the enemy is already around your spawn zones. If you have not enough Spawn points for the top planes, you could bring a BR -1 fighter without bombs already for 480 points and this has a chance yet to shoot down an enemy plane, instead of being just massacred at the spawn zones.

For German BR 4.0 therefore the following line has proven:


T-34-747 (r)
The most important vehicle, if you want to invest some money for a premium tank. One of Germany’s fastest vehicles in this range, with the magical ‘Stalinium’ armor and ammunition. Suitable for all scenarios where it is necessary to occupy any CAP at the beginning.

PzKpfw Churchill
PzKpfw Churchill

PzKpfw Churchill

A powerful heavy tank, which could be used from the start in battles (without capturing CAP’s) at BR 4.0 and 4.3. Because it is slow, it’s nothing for the conquest of CAP’s. But its thick armor provides problems for many of the Russian tanks in this range, to it is shooting very fast and the turret therefore rotates rapidly towards new targets, what is also good in the confusing street fights. If you still can bring it to the end of the battle, when the opponent no longer has many powerful vehicles, it could make the decision (as in the video above)! Also, a premium vehicle, whose acquisition is useful.



Well armored, flat and a cannon with lots of penetration. The Sturmgeschuetz (assault gun) StuG III G is the right one, if you are up-tired in a battle at BR 4.7 or 5.0 (where there are some better armored British and American vehicles) and the terrain is suitable to fire over longer distances. Not ideal for the close-quarter fight, because the entire vehicle must be turned to the target.

PzBefw IV
PzBefw IV

PzBefw IV

The alternative for the StuG III G in battles on BR 4.7 and 5.0, if you should have better a turret. This vehicle is premium, but for these cases also satisfies the standard version Pz IV G or J.



The ‘cheap’ solution of a tank destroyer (BR 2.3), in use if one does not have enough spawn points for something better. Some also prefer the ‘Marder’ here, but the StuG III A is much flatter, firing faster and its shells destroy British and American tanks fairly easily. Against the Russian tanks the 100 mm penetration, however, are a bit scarce. If you don’t have the following PzKpfw III N (Premium), you could also use instead the ‘Marder’ with its very good gun – if you face mostly Russian tanks in the opposing team.



The Pz III N is also a premium vehicle with BR 3.0. Like the StuG IIIA it fires very fast, is relatively effective armored, mobile and has a turret. The tank is not essential here (and could be – as anticipated suggested – replaced by the ‘Marder’ or another aircraft), but is stronger than the StuG III A in street fighting, if one still has more spawn points for it.

Anti-aircraft tank Wirbelwind
Anti-aircraft tank Wirbelwind

Anti-aircraft tank Wirbelwind

The anti-aircraft tank ‘Wirbelwind’ (Whirlwind; BR 3.7) is the most efficient German anti-aircraft tank in this BR range. It can be used to destroy easily American and British tanks and Russian T-34’s from the side. Due to the high number of bullets which it fires, this generated so many points that you could use a much stronger vehicle or aircraft after the ‘Wirbelwind’ is destroyed.

Anti-aircraft vehicle Gepard
Anti-aircraft vehicle Gepard

Anti-aircraft vehicle Gepard

The anti-aircraft vehicle ‘Gepard’ (Cheetah; BR 2.0) is relatively fast and mobile, but has only a single 2-cm gun and two crew members, whereby it can be knocked-out quickly. This is one of the solutions to deal with only 150 Spawn points to intervene in the battle again, so there is a chance to get back to work out a better vehicle. Alternatively, one can also use the half-truck SdKfz 7 equipped with a 3.7-cm anti-aircraft gun, but like the ‘Marder’, the relatively unprotected crew can be wiped out quickly by American tanks with heavy and numerous machine guns.

He 111 H-16
He 111 H-16

He 111 H-16

The most effective German bomber in this range is the Heinkel >He 111 H-16 (BR 3.3). The 2,000 kg (4,000 lbs) bombs destroy every attacked ground target, the plane can survive relatively many hits and still comes back to the airfield and the armament, combined with well-trained gunners, often brings down enemy fighters from the sky.

Bf 109 F-4/Trop
Bf 109 F-4/Trop

Bf 109 F-4/Trop

The Bf 109 F-4/Trop (BR 3.7) can carry a 500-kg (1,000 lb) bomb, which makes it to an effective fighter-bomber. Without a bomb the plane is quite fast and a good dog-fighter. If you have not enough Spawn point for the bomb, two 15 mm machine guns can be mounted as an alternative, which also makes it to an effective bomber destroyer. The previous version of the Bf 109 F-4 (without tropical filter) has almost the same features and does it well.

UPDATE: SdKfz 234/4 ‘Pakwagen’

In the meantime, the premium vehicle SdKfz 234/4 ‘Pakwagen’, which can be acquired for free, has been added, which does an excellent job as a fast CAP-conquering vehicle and tank destroyer. The vehicle sits on BR 3.0, but can still be used on much higher levels.

This is a replay video of a ‘Realistic Battle’ with seven kills with the ‘Pakwagen’, used together with the German BR 4.0 line:

German Elite combat group
German Elite combat group
So comrades, I hope this was now enough to do! See you on the battlefield in War Thunder in the German team at BR 4.0 to beat the opponent right!

Who does not know the F2P tank and plane war game War Thunder can download it from here for free:


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