Supremacy 1914 – World War

World War 1914, the big game of Supremacy 1914 with 500 players on a world map.

'Supremacy 1914 World War
Starting point at ‘Supremacy 1914 World War’ on the world map.

In addition to the big game of Call of War ‘World War’ with up to 100 players on a world map, which has been reported recently, was also done a test of the largest scenario of Supremacy 1914, called ‘World War 1914’. Here even up to 500 players fight for supremacy all over the world!
The details of how to play in this free browser strategy game I already explained in the review of a standard game of Supremacy 1914.

Like in Call of War ‘World War’, I decided to choose an island as my home country to be less vulnerable. My choice fell on Sicily in the Mediterranean.

However, the northern part of the island is controlled at the start of the game by an AI nation (Artificial Intelligence or software-controlled bot). Before the neighbor from southern Italy could cross the straits to bring control over Sicilian cities as well, my attack on this country started on the first day.

Supremacy 1914 - World War
On day 1, the invasion of Sicily (green) began in the north of the island against the Reds.

By day 5, the operation had been completed and Sicily also had joined an Italian alliance. As a result, the ‘Enlightenment horizon’ was broadened by allied (green) troops of the Alliance, and it was easy to see all the activity in Italy.

Supremacy 1914 - World War
Day 5: Sicily under complete control and member of an Italian alliance.

Since Calabria at the southern tip of Italy (red territory) was not part of the alliance, an attack was launched with the ally from the north from day 13. By day 16, Calabria was practically fallen and split. However, the Italian Alliance also ended here, as its members were defeated in the north by the other states.

Supremacy 1914 - World War
Day 16: Calabria practically defeated and divided.

After the rapid end of the Italian alliance, Sicily entered into an alliance with Tunisia (red area color) and landed on day 39 in the Cyrenaica in eastern Libya.

Supremacy 1914 - World War
Day 39: invasion of Libya.

By day 53, Sicily, along with its ally Tunisia, had brought Libya, Egypt and northern Sudan under control, including the destruction of a massive Central African migrant army driven from their homeland by a ‘South African alliance’. This succeeded despite some losses and by revolutions in the Middle East also some areas in Palestine could be annexed.
Actually, we had signed a border treaty with the Congo, a member of the rapidly emerging, powerful ‘South African Alliance’. Also, Sicily and Tunisia should turn against Europe, while Congo wanted to expand in Arabia and India.
Unfortunately, it was different, and in the middle of our troop movements, the Congo’s attack on the southern border of Sicily in northern Sudan took place, while the other members of the ‘South African Alliance’ attacked the allied Tunisia further west. Here you can see the red troops of the Congo invade the North Sudan, while Sicilian units and planes rush south to cover the major oil areas further to the north and bring the attack to a standstill if possible.

Supremacy 1914 - World War
Day 53: Attack of the Congo in Sudan.

By day 58, the Sicilian forces managed to trench themselves in a heavily fortified, optimally stacked up line and covered by long-range artillery (rail guns) and strong fighter squadrons for air cover across southeastern Libya and Egypt, bloodying all Congo attacks. In the meantime an attack in Arabia took place through one of the original Asian empires, which could also be parried with the help of the battleships of the fleet and bomber units. Due to the heavy losses of the enemy against the tough Sicilian defenses in Palestine, there soon came a ceasefire.

Supremacy 1914 - World War
Day 58: The fortified and gun-facing front against Congo. In addition to artillery, infantry and fighter planes are also reconnaissance balloons, tanks, heavy tanks, railroad guns and cavalry in the fortress cities. Battleships and bombers are deployed to the east on the Suez Canal.

After peace was restored on the Suez Canal and the Congo’s attacks were all bloodily rejected, even he had a much stronger army and economy in Africa, Sicily made a counterattack on day 59 and almost succeeded in reaching the original border with its more favorable defensive line.

Supremacy 1914 - World War
Day 59: Counter-attack of Sicily in South Sudan.

Unfortunately, at the same time, the allied Tunisia collapsed finally further to the west and retreated from the game after the transfer of some flying units, warships and territories to Sicily. Since the troops of Sicily could impossibly hold the whole front and defeat the entire, much superior ‘South African Alliance’, the orderly evacuation of all of Africa and the retreat to the Mediterranean positions Sicily-Crete was ordered. Even the heavy rail guns were successfully evacuated. At the same time, the formerly allied hinterland in Italy, in Sardinia and Corsica, which was meanwhile directed by the KI, was occupied militarily.

Supremacy 1914 - World War
Day 68: The Sicilian Empire (green) after the evacuation of Africa.

Then, on day 72, the situation suddenly shifted in favor of Sicily, as the ‘North American Alliance’ spread more and more throughout Europe. All of France (White) and parts of Spain (Green in the northwest) were already under their control. At that time, numerous troops of Oregon, also a member of the ‘North American Alliance’, landed in central Italy (purple) and occupied the local (red) areas of my former Tunisian ally.
Now, a member of the hitherto opposing ‘South African Alliance’, with whom Sicily was not yet at war, contacted me to negotiate peace and accession to their alliance. Although it is somewhat difficult to accept former opponents as allies, the Sicilian government decided to accept this proposal for reasons of state.
This was also that the future opponents were identified, namely the big ‘North American alliance’, which Sicily soon had to fight as a member of the ‘South African Alliance’.

Supremacy 1914 - World War
Oregon (violet), a member of the North American Alliance, landed in central Italy.

Thus, on day 74, the invasion of Sicily on Oregon began, whose numerous troops, having already exhausted themselves against the AI of Tunisia in central Italy, and were quickly wiped out. Subsequently, almost all of Italy to the Alps was under the control of Sicily. After showing their behavior as a defensive measure against the uninvited guest from Oregon in Italy, the Sicilian army was ready to defend northern Italy until day 77. After Sicily officially joined the Alliance from South Africa at that time, the attack of Baffin (White), a member of the ‘North American Alliance’, also took place immediately.

Supremacy 1914 - World War
The uncoordinated and impetuous attack of Baffin troops on the developed Sicilian position in northwest Italy ends in disaster for them.

After southeastern France having been conquered by the Sicilian army by day 85 and the allies of the ‘South African Alliance’ continuing to advance in the west, as of day 85 there was a better organized offensive by Baffin, involving nearly 1,000 infantry units. Despite the overwhelming superiority of the opponent, the Sicilian army succeeded, with the help of air support and again the railway guns, to stop them and destroy the enemy.

Supremacy 1914 - World War
Gigantic final battle against Baffin in eastern France.

Until day 104, the members of the ‘North American Alliance’ were expelled from Europe and Sicily (light green) extended to the North Sea. In the east, an ‘Eastern Alliance’ has become a potentially new adversary to our ‘South African alliance’. But before the further course of events was clarified, I ended the game as ruler of a rather successful Sicily, since it seemed to me that the highlight and the most interesting part of the game was already behind me.

Supremacy 1914 - World War
Day 104: The borders in Central Europe and the Mediterranean.


It was a very varied and entertaining game with Supremacy 1914 ‘World War’, which presented great challenges. The battles against Congo and later against Baffin required the highest skill and strategic thinking. Also, here was the speed of the actions a bit more leisurely than in Call of War and one was not so much under the pressure of their own allies. Rather, one could make one’s own political decisions and cultivate diplomatic contacts.

However, despite the interesting course, after more than 100 days in the row, it became clear to me that from now on, everything would become much less interesting, since the ‘power blocks’ of the alliances were fixed and the administration of the numerous conquered new provinces took a lot of time.

Since the biggest fun was now clearly behind me, so I could leave an exciting game with a clear conscience and could use this time for other tasks or testing other games.

Test and play Supremacy 1914 for your own here: button go

Supremacy 1914

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