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World War is the big scenario of Call of War across the globe with up to 100 players.
Review and gameplay of the F2P Browser Strategy Game.

Call of War 'World War'
Strategic Starting Point in Southern Africa and Indian Ocean in Call of War ‘World War’

After testing the standard game of Call of War, the decision was not far to try the ‘very big World War scenario’.

Here I promised myself the advantage that the large number of players – 100 at the beginning of the game on Day 1 – and the large space – the whole world with more than 2,000 provinces – would create an interesting match.

In order not to be so easily attacked at the beginning, I have also looked around for a suitable island and discovered Madagascar off the East African coast in the Indian Ocean.
The starting position on day 1 with troop distribution and the provinces was as follows:

Call of War 'World War'
Starting point on Madagascar on day 1 at Call of War ‘World War’.

In Call of War ‘World War’, there are also some states at the beginning, which are controlled by the computer – the artificial intelligence or AI – and therefore should be brought under control right from the start. Just outside the front door on the opposite mainland was Mozambique, which consists of only seven provinces, which is run by the AI and therefore relatively weak. Before its neighbors will have the same idea, therefore, the first assault units from Madagascar landed there on the second day, while the western neighbor also invaded with armored cars.

Call of War World War
The invasion of the African mainland.

By day 3, my troops had taken control of most of Mozambique.

Call of War 'World War'
Conquest of the majority of Mozambique on the third day.

Now came in Call of War ‘World War’ a special feature. Players can and must, in fact, form alliances and best join a local alliance. Those who do not, is fair game for these alliance players who rigorously seize all other areas in the region.
Madagascar has also already joined an African alliance and already on day 4 the invasion began of the countries of the other players, or those who did not start much in the game and will be managed by the AI ​​as of this day.

This is a rather unattractive feature of the game as it forces all players into alliances and creates dependencies. In the meantime, this was significantly defused for new ‘World War’ games, since only a maximum of five players can form an alliance.

Here in the game with Madagascar, therefore, practically half of Africa was united in a huge alliance that divided the rest of the continent as quickly as possible. Thus, on day 4 the conquest of Tanzania by the troops of Madagascar took place.

Call of War World War
Invasion of Tanzania on day 4.

In the next phase, such of the members of the own alliance became victims, which were led in the meantime by the AI, because they had not logged in for some time in the game. Then this nation leaves the Alliance and can be attacked, while the members can not declare war on each other. However, the leader of the alliance can throw out individual members, which then quickly become ‘shark food’.
The leader of an alliance is usually the one who founded it. Should this one leave, another member can take over the lead.
Here you can see how at day 8 the partition of ex-alliance members led by the AI takes place, as in Ethiopia. Madagascar has already spread to the Horn of Africa.

Call of War World War
Day 8: Invasion of Somalia and fight against Ethiopia.

While the troops of Madagascar were busy in the north, the also former Alliance member South Africa attacked my areas in the south and overran many of them. The player from South Africa had also left the Alliance because he had not logged in for a while, but then returned and launched a counterattack. On day 13, the reconquest of these areas is currently in progress.

Call of War 'World War'
Day 13: Recapturing of provinces lost to South Africa.

Then peace returned with South Africa and the player was retaken back into the alliance. However, a short time later the rumor spread that he was active as a ‘mole’ for the South American alliance. And since an alliance member can see all other allied troops (outlined green) on the map and their reconnaissance results, there is of course a risk that he may pass this information on to enemy alliances.

Therefore, starting on day 22, the attack on South Africa, which thereby kicked out our ‘little-gifted’ Alliance leader from Angola from the game. Therefore, the campaign was protracted, difficult and lossy, because in Madagascar in the meantime I had been fully committed to expanding the economy and infrastructure and fewer on new troops.
Here is the situation on the border with South Africa, where even the fleet of Madagascar had to help out. Enemy formations are outlined in red.

Call of War World War
Day 22: Start of the attack on the ‘traitor’ South Africa.

With the help of the Congo, the troops of Madagascar were able to conquer South Africa and Angola and the state territory in Africa looked like this. The most powerful realm of the game, Turkestan (green color), which dominated half of Asia, attacked our alliance in Europe and the Middle East on day 29.
This was probably because a short time later nuclear weapons and long-range missiles became available and the Turkmen capital was in reach from our Alliance areas. Unfortunately, our Congolese player was poorly prepared for this possibility, so that his areas in the Middle East were rapidly overrun and Madagascar was quickly back in the front line.

Call of War World War
Day 29: Turkestan attack on the Alliance.

On day 30, fierce sea battles developed at the entrance to the Red Sea, while the troops of Madagascar quickly moved positions in the Horn of Africa and crossed over into Yemen.

Call of War World War
Day 30: Fierce sea battles and march of the troops of Madagascar in the Horn of Africa.

Obviously the player of Turkestan had underestimated the tenacity of our alliance, so after a short while he gave up and left the AI to the fate of his country. Thus, the troops of Madagascar succeeded in the conquest of South Arabia and most of India, as well as the occupation of the areas of the also by this crisis retired alliance member Angola in the hinterland.

Day 36: after the victory over Turkestan.
Day 36: after the victory over Turkestan.

After Turkmenistan was divided, with the eastern areas incorporating the Asian Alliance, members of our alliance decided to attack them. Although Madagascar, in turn, was busy with the expansion of its own provinces and fewer troops set up, it was of course forced to support the allies and deployed all available local forces, including rockets.

Day 45: new war in Asia.
Day 45: new war in Asia.

And, of course, the enemy in turn attacked the still insufficiently reinforced troops of Madagascar and broke deep into its areas in Southeast Asia, while all possible reinforcements had to be rushed by air and by sea from Africa.

Day 46: Deep enemy (blue) break into India.
Day 46: Deep enemy (blue) break into India.

After the arrival of sufficient reinforcements, the army of Madagascar, together with the allies, was able to recapture almost all areas until day 50 and continue to advance in the direction of Southeast Asia until this enemy was defeated.

Day 50: Advance to Southeast Asia.
Day 50: Advance to Southeast Asia.

And as of day 65, this story repeated many times over that Khabarovsk’s next opponent was able to penetrate deeply into the areas of Madagascar in Southeast Asia, as a new war had broken out before sufficient defensive measures could be implemented.

Day 65: Khabarovsk raid from China and Australia (dark violet).
Day 65: Khabarovsk raid from China and Australia (dark violet).

Despite the chaos, Madagascar was again able to defeat this opponent and except for South America, our alliance soon occupied all areas of the world and won the game.


Although the game lasted a long time and was varied with numerous opponents, the multiplicity of provinces that need to be managed and defended has somewhat overpowered myself. Also, one is very driven by the events and actions of some very active alliance members, so that the own rhythm and the way of playing suffered a bit. Fortunately, the sizes of the alliances have now been limited to 5 members, so there are on the one hand a variety of them and the personal influence on the gameplay has become more important.

The gigantic ‘World War’ scenario is therefore only for players with enough time for the details and who like to act and communicate in the group.

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