Top War Games to Try Right Now

Gaming is the most popular hobby across the globe at the moment. Since their early days, video games have been a smash-hit. Everyone loved the pixelated adventures that arcades sent us on, and thanks to the incredible tech advancements we’ve seen over the years, we now have immersive masterpieces that we can’t help but appreciate. While games come in all shapes and sizes, there’s one particular game genre that never gets out of style – war games. If you’re a fan of heavy action, fast-paced gameplay, and great aim, here are some great titles where the theme of war dominates.

Themed Slots

Here’s one you probably didn’t expect to see on the list. Casino games aren’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when war games are in question, but they manage to provide some high-quality content. With excellent online casinos like casino777 gaining tons of traction lately, digital versions of casino classics have stepped things up in a big way. The casino classics like Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker these websites host might be excellent, but if you’re looking for some war-related action, then the modern slots are your ticket!

Themed slots are the bread and butter of today’s online casinos. They come in massive numbers and offer more variety than you can think of. With that in mind, there are dozens of slots where the main focus is war! Whether they take inspiration from World War 2, civil wars, or fictional ones, they never fail to bring the heat. They usually feature action-packed gameplay to keep up with the theme and incorporate references to different guns, tanks, and epic fights in the visuals and audio.

Call of Duty Franchise

Call of Duty WW2
Call of Duty WW2
If you’re looking for a classic war video game, then look no further than Call of Duty. The incredibly successful franchise has been around for over fifteen years now and keeps delivering high-quality gameplay with every new release. The iconic franchise started its epic spiel back in 2002 with the original Call of Duty Game. While these days it might seem pretty clunky and outdated, it holds up surprisingly well in terms of gameplay. The biggest pro in Call of Duty is the solo campaign that focuses on WW2 and features excellent graphics considering its age.

Of course, the franchise has released dozens of games since then across multiple gaming platforms. You can give the new games a try on your PC and console, or even go for the mobile version of the game that’s currently pretty popular. The wars featured in the call of duty games might not always be the most accurate, but they certainly know how to keep players engaged. On top of this, the themes in the franchise have changed quite a lot over the years, so if you backtrack through the catalog you can find some excellent variety in there.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an excellent option for those looking to switch things up a bit and add a fantasy element into their war games. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of WoW before. The 2004 MMORPG is legendary at this point and still manages to be a smash-hit after all these years. While there’s certainly a lot to unpack in the open-world adventures of World of Warcraft, a running theme in all of the expansions is the never-ending and brutal war between the two factions of the Alliance and the Horde.

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