Diary December 18, 1914

German trench mortar unit
German trench mortar unit in action.
War Diary World War One for Friday, December 18, 1914:

Western Front

First German trench mortar unit formed (6 light mortars per pioneer company from January 1915).
Flanders: British 7th and 8th divisions attack around Neuve Chapelle, Indian Corps at Givenchy (until December 23). Indian Cavalry Corps formed (existing until March 12, 1916).

Eastern Front

Poland: Battle of Rawka­-Bzura begins.
Carpathians: ­Austrians recover Lupka Pass.

Middle East

Egypt: British Protectorate established. Hussein Kamal Pasha I, uncle of deposed Khedive Abbas Hilmi, proclaimed Sultan next day.

African Fronts

South West Africa and Angola: After 500-mile march 640 Germans defeat Portuguese (182 casualties including 37 PoWs) at Naulila. They hang 6 PoWs on return.

Sea War

North Sea: U-boat U5 mined and lost close to Flanders coast. U11 mined and lost in Dover Straits.


Sweden: Scandinavian kings meet at Malmö.

Home Fronts

Austria: Masaryk leaves Prague for exile at Rome.
Britain: Kitchener’s resignation threat wins Prime Ministers veto on Churchill’s visits to Field Marshal French, latter sees Prime Minister and Kitchener.

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