Diary December 2, 1939

French observer Western Front 1939
A French observer on a tree at the Western Front.
War Diary for Saturday, December 2, 1939:


Winter War: Finnish covering forces (13,000 men) on Karelian Isthmus slowly withdrawing to the Mannerheim Line. Mines and traps destroy numbers of Russian tanks.
Helsinki Olympic Games (planned for 1940) abandoned.

Sea War

German SS Watussi scuttled off South Africa, under shellfire from battlecruiser HMS Renown.


Finnish Government appeals to the League of Nations.
Soviet puppet People’s Government of the Finnish Democratic Republic established under Finnish communist Otto Kuusinen at Terijoki on Gulf of Finland.
US Government proposes ‘moral embargo’ on sale of American arms to countries guilty of ‘terror’ bombing from the air.

Western Front

French communiqué reports: ‘A quiet day on the whole of the front…. the air forces, on both sides, were completely inactive’.


Italy: Pro-Finnish demonstrations in Rome. Vatican condemns Russian aggression.

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