Diary December 23, 1914

Turkish artillery in action in Armenia
Turkish artillery in action during Enver Pasha’s large offensive into Russian-occupied areas of Armenia.
War Diary World War One for Wednesday, December 23, 1914:

Middle East

Armenia: Istomin’s brigade of 8,000 men forced by 3 Turk divisions of X Corps to abandon Olta in frontier salient, loses 750 PoWs and 6 guns, retreats 12 miles (ca. 19 km) northeast to Avcali salt mines. Snow blizzard next day, Istomin’s 5,000 survivors retreat 8 miles (ca. 13 km) east of Merdenik until December 25.

Southern Fronts

Austrian Potiorek is sacked; Archduke Eugene becomes Balkans C­-in-C, Baron Sarkotic-Lovcen succeeds Potiorek as Austrian Governor of Bosnia-Herzegov­ina starting in 1915.

Western Front

Flanders: Belgian troops cross river Yser south of Dixmude.

Home Fronts

Germany: SMS Yorck captain gets 2 years detention for losing ship (see November 3, 1914).
Britain: 4th revised contraband list published.


Italy: Britain accepts guarantees against re­-export of goods to Central Powers.

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