Diary December 24, 1944

Grenadiers in suburb of Budapest
Grenadiers, armed with the Panzerfaust, moving forward through a suburb of Budapest to stop the Russian advance.
War Diary WW2 for Sunday, December 24, 1944:

Russian Front


Air War

Europe: Allied Tactical Air Forces fly 600 sorties over the Ardennes; 260 planes drop supplies on Bastogne.
Britain: 50 He 111s, modified to carry and launch V-1s in flight, attack Manchester area; 1 missile on target, 17 fall near; 37 killed, 67 injured. Steps imme­diately taken to strengthen AA defenses, but there are no more attacks.

Sea War

Transport Leopoldville sunk by German U-boat U-486 in English Channel (819 drowned).

Home Front

Britain: Major Glenn Miller, director of USAAF band, reported missing over Channel in light plane (took off on December 15); aged 35.

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