Diary December 26, 1914

German trenches Western Front
In German trenches on the Western Front.
War Diary World War One for Saturday, December 26, 1914:

Western Front

Artois: Petain (XXXIII Corps) reports on deep mud delaying advance, Tenth Army attack postponed.
Argonne: Italian Legion, 4th Regiment of the Legion, first in action (until January 9, 1915). Lieutenant Bruno Garibaldi (grandson of the Italian Liberator) killed. Unit withdrawn in March 1915 and disbanded on Italy’s entry into the war.

Middle East

Armenia – Battle of Sarikamish until January 4, 1915: Enver Pashas 4,000 men of 29th Division lose 3 of 8 guns against 3,500 Russian with 2 guns. Turkish X Corps loses 7,000 of 20,000 men in an 19-hour horror march over 25 miles (ca. 40 km) to join Enver.

Air War

Western Front: French Army airship Montgolfier damaged by anti-aircraft fire and crashes at Saizeraie (Toul). French airmen bomb Zeppelin sheds at Frescaty, near Metz.


USA: US protests to Britain over trade interference.

Eastern Front

Russian Chief of Staff tells British Mission that none offensive will be possible till end of July if there will be no Allied shells supplies.

Sea War

British Admiralty memo to French suggests switch of operations from Adriatic to Eastern Mediterranean against Turkey. Latter reply on December 28 only limited forces can be spared for this.

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