Diary January 10, 1940

German deployment plan captured at Mechelen
The only partly destroyed German deployment plan falls at Mechelen in the hands of the Belgians.
War Diary WW2 for Wednesday, January 10, 1940:

Western Front

German Me 108 carrying Major Reinberger – a paratroop commander with secret documents on the planned Gelb Offensive in the West – makes forced landing at Mechelen in Belgium.
Reinberger makes bungled attempt to destroy documents and is captured by Belgian troops. German plans now compromised.


Unofficial peace talks between Mme. Wuolijoki (Finland) and Mme. Kollontai (Russia) in Stockholm.

Sea War

Atlantic: German blockade runner Bahia Blanca hits iceberg and sinks northwest of Iceland.
German destroyers lay mines off Newcastle and Cromer (night January 10-11).

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