Diary January 14, 1915

Djemel Pasha on the way to Suez Canal
Djemel Pasha (left), Turkish Navy Minister and commander of the forces which intend to attack the Suez Canal.
War Diary World War One for Thursday, January 14, 1915:

Middle East

Egypt: 25,000 Turks (25th Division plus other elements) with 10,000 camels and 56 guns begin with 8 night marches from Beersheba towards Suez Canal.

Western Front

Aisne – Battle of Soissons ends: Germans claim 5,200 PoWs and capture of 14 guns; French total loss 12,411 soldiers.

African Fronts

Cameroon: 900 Allied soldiers with 4 guns and 5 MGs join up against Garua, where are 577 Germans, 4 guns and 10 MGs.
Southwest Africa: Colonel Skinner’s South African troops occupy Swakopmund.


Britain: British Foreign Minister Grey assures Russian Foreign Minister Sazonov on Con­stantinople and Dardanelles Straits.

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