Diary January 14, 1945

remains of a German defensive position Vistula
The remains of a German defensive position in front of a Russian Vistula bridgehead.
War Diary WW2 for Sunday, January 14, 1945:

Russian Front

1st Belorussian Front (Zhukov) attacks from 3 bridgeheads north and south of Warsaw. Zhukov and Konev have total of 163 divisions with 32,143 guns, 6,460 tanks and SP guns and 4,772 aircraft. Germans are outnumbered 5 to 1 and their 1,100 tanks are virtually immobilized by fuel shortages.

Air War

Europe: 8th USAAF resumes large-scale strategic operations after a month-long interval; caused by ‘Battle of the Bulge’ and bad weather: 600 B-17 Fortress and B-24 Liberators attack oil targets in Germany, meeting heavy fighter opposition.

Sea War

6 German E-boat flotillas operate in estuaries of the Scheldt, Thames and Humber (night January 14-15).

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