Diary January 18, 1915

Bombing by hand
This is the way the German air crews are bombing in the early stage of the war.
War Diary World War One for Monday, January 18, 1915:

Eastern Front

Poland: German plane bombs Russian Fifth Army Headquarter at Mogilnitsa (casualties: 4 men, 2 horses).
Russians take Skempe.

Western Front

Champagne: French seize positions near Bois-le-Pretre, only to lose them in counter-attacks. Rain and exhaustion halts operations until January 20.

Middle East

Armenia: Lyakhov’s 10,000 regulars and 24 guns with support of 4 destroyers drive c. 10,000 Turks westwards across river Coruh towards Russian frontier.
Egypt: New Zealand and Australian Division formed.

African Fronts

East Africa: Lettow attacks Yasini with 9 companies after quelling Arab company mutiny. Yasini surrenders next day, garrison’s (296 soldiers including 35 killed and wounded) ammo finished. Lettow loses 274 men and 200,000 rounds; 3rd KAR relief column arrives one hour too late.


Japan presents 21 Demands to China, denies doing so on January 27.


Argentina: First of 3 German merchantmen interned (until February 26) for violating neutrality.

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