Diary January 25, 1915

Parseval airship
The car of one of the older Parseval airships, which made their first flights in May 1906.
War Diary World War One for Monday, January 25, 1915:

Air War

Baltic: German Navy Parseval airship PL 19 shot down by Russian anti-aircraft fire during bombing raid on Libau.

Western Front

Flanders – First Action of Givenchy: British 1st Division repulse an attack. French stand firm near Ypres.
Aisne: ­German advance on Craonne plateau.
Champagne: ­Germans attack at 4 points around Hill 200 near Perthes. Joffre agrees next day to postpone the French attack until drier weather.
Alsace: Fog impedes operations.

Eastern Front

East Prussia: By now Russian Twelfth Army forming to invade East Prussia from south. The advances from northeast are at Pillkallen area and on Tilsit on January 29.

Sea War

Baltic: Russian submarine torpedoes German cruiser Gazelle off Rügen, but towed to harbor. Russian submarine sinks German torpedo boat off Cap Moen, Denmark on January 29.


Romania: Government refuses to join Greece supporting Serbia.
USA­: Bell makes first transcontinental telephone call.

Occupied countries

Belgium­: Germans seize metal stocks

Home Fronts

Germany: Government decree seizes all grain and flour stocks from February 1.

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