Diary January 31, 1940

Reggiane Re 2000
The Italian Reggiane company copied the American Seversky P-35 to produce the Re 2000. Extremely maneuverable, none were used by Italian forces. All were exported to Hungary, Sweden and should also have been delivered to Britain.
Diary for Wednesday, January 31, 1940

Secret War

Italy: Secret British military mission to Italy orders 300 Caproni Re 2000 fighters. Germany vetoes deal in April. British attempts to obtain fighters via a Portuguese intermediary fail on June 10 (declaration of war by Italy).

Home Fronts

Britain: Barlow Report on the ‘Distribution of the Industrial Population’ published by Royal Commission; recommends the building of ‘new towns’.

Sea War

Merchant shipping losses in January 1940: 73 Allied ships with 214,506 tons in the Atlantic, 0 Allied ships with 0 tons elsewhere.
2 U-boats sunk in the Atlantic, Arctic or Baltic.

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