Diary January 4, 1915

Turkish cavalrymen in Caucasus
Turkish cavalrymen operating against the Russians in the Caucasus at a field camp.
War Diary World War One for Monday, January 4, 1915:

Middle East

Armenia – Battle of Sarikamish ends: Turkish IX Corps destroyed; 1,200 PoWs including Ihsan Pasha, 30 guns and 20 MGs.

Western Front

Flanders: French advance near Nieuport.
Alsace: Whole of Steinbach now in French hands.

Sea War

Adriatic: Austrian Admiral Haus proposes using new Light cruiser Novara (completed on January 10) to run 300t munitions to Smyrna (for Dardanelles), but scheme abortive (until April 12).
North Sea­: British submarines C31 and E10 lost (on January 4 resp. 18, causes unknown).
Black Sea: Russian cruiser Pamiat Merkurya damages Turk cruiser Hamidieh west of Sinope.

Secret War

Italy: Austrian Rome military attaché reports Italian Army will be ready for war end March.

Home Fronts

Britain: Fisher withdraws resignation over Zeppelin threat.
London Stock Exchange reopens.

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