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Diary November 1, 1944

LCT lands troops on Walcheren
An British LCT and smaller landing crafts are landing troops at West Chapel on Walcheren to open entrance to river Scheldt and thus to the port of Antwerp.
War Diary for Wednesday, November 1, 1944:

Sea War

British infantry and Commandos land on Walcheren (Operation Infatuate): German garrison surrenders on November 8.

Air War

Pacific: First of 9,000 paper balloons, carrying bombs, released near Tokyo (small number reach North America, but only 6 people killed).
B-29 ‘Tokyo Rose’ of 3rd PR Squadron makes first reconnaissance over Tokyo since 1942.
Germany: 541 RAF bombers attacking Cologne and dropping 2,383 t of bombs.


British patrols reach Salonika.


International Civil Aviation Conference at Chicago.

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