Diary November 11, 1914

Holy War celebration at Constantinople
The ‘Holy War’ which was proclaimed by Sultan Mehmet V is enthusiastically celebrated in front of the Hagia Sophia at Constantinople.
War Diary of World War One for Wednesday, November 11, 1914:

Middle East

Armenia: 4 Turk divisions counter-attack Russian flanks, force their retreat on next day.

Western Front

FIRST BATTLE OF YPRES Phase 3: Battle of Nonne Boschen (Nuns’ Wood). Third German attack: fresh corps of 17,500 (composite Prussian Guard Division and 4th Division from Arras) pushes down Menin Road (Gheluvelt-Ypres) in thick mist against Haig’s I Corps (7,850 men) now stiffened by 5 rear strongpoints and most of Smith-Dorrien’s II Corps sent north from La Bassee. Again the Germans come within an ace of victory. They break through north of Menin Road and British guns face being overrun, but are unaware of this and hesitate. British scratch force (306 men of 2nd Ox and Bucks Light Infantry with engineers, cooks and batmen) counter-attacks repeatedly and pushes back Prussian Guard.

Eastern Front

Poland: SECOND GERMAN OFFEN­SIVE ON WARSAW ASTRIDE VISTULA (until November 25): Mackensen’s 3 corps smash V Siberian Corps of Russian First Army around Wloclawek, take 15 guns and 12,000 PoWs by November 14, helped by Russian cipher signal with Army boundary on November 12.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Serbian GHQ evacuates Valjevo, moves to Kragujevac (where the national arsenal is).

Sea War

Channel: Anchored gunboat Niger (no casualties) sunk by U-12 (Forstmann) at Deal pier.

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