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Diary November 11, 1944

V2 before launching
V-2 before the start. The rocket is 46 ft (ca. 14 m) long, has a diameter of 5.4 ft (1.65 m) and weighs 8,800 lb (ca. 4 t) empty. Ready for launching the weight with fuel is increasing to 28,380 lb (ca. 13 t), of which the explosive charge accounts for 2,145 lb (ca. 1 t).
War Diary for Saturday, November 11, 1944:


Japanese capture Kweilin and Liuchow air bases; Americans have previously rendered Liuchow unusable.

Home Fronts

France: Churchill and Eden attend Armistice Day ceremonies in Paris.
Britain: Newspaper reports about the previously unknown V-2 rocket attacks on London.

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