Diary November 17, 1914

German troops dig in the West
After the failed offensive in Flanders in the autumn of 1914, the German troops dig in the West.
War Diary of World War One for Tuesday, November 17, 1914:

Western Front

Falkenhayn begins transferring 9 divisions to Eastern Front, ‘low fighting strength … and bad autumn weather’ ends German Fourth Army attacks.

Eastern Front

Poland: Fighting around Plotsk north of river Vistula.

Southern Fronts

Serbia – Battle of Kolubara until November 22; mainly in rain and snow with thick morning fogs: Austrian XVI Corps mountain troops reach point 1000 in Maljen Mountains; both sides suffer frostbite, Austrian XV Corps has 3,000 casualties and 5,000 men are sick.

Middle East

Mesopotamia – Battle of Fort Sahil (Kut-az-Zain): British (489 casualties) rout 4500 Turks, taking 2 guns and 150 PoWs. Turks fail to seal Shatt-al-Arab with 4 block ships.

African Fronts

East Africa: East African Mounted Rifles occupy Longido. Kitchener orders British on to the defensive, War Office assumes operational control.

Sea War

Baltic: German squadron shells Libau. Cruiser Friedrich Karl sunk by Russian mines off Memel. First Russian dreadnought Sevastopol completed at Baltic Yard, Petrograd.
Black Sea: ­Russian squadron bombards Trebizond (repeated on November 20).

Home Fronts

Britain – Lloyd George introduces 1st War Budget: income tax doubled; £350 million as 1st War Loan issued.

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