Diary November 19, 1914

Austro-Hungarian artillery men
Postcard illustration of Austro-Hungarian artillery men.
War Diary of World War One for Thursday, November 19, 1914:

Eastern Front

South Poland: Austrian Second Army storms Mykanow and Klekoty but blocked by Russian Fourth Army. Conrad complains ‘We…have been holding the door against half Asia’. Plehve‘s Fifth Army rescues wing of Russian Second Army after forced marches.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Austrian center captures west slopes of Vrace Brdo (521 ft), Milovac hill and drive back Serb First Army.

Western Front

Flanders: Artillery duels and skirmishes. Indian Corps fire their first 2 homemade mortars, gaining 1 or 2 direct hits.

African Fronts

British Somaliland: Dismounted Camel Corps repulsed 3 times from 3 Dervish forts south of Shimberberris but muzzle-loading 7pdr guns aids their capture.

Air War

Britain: All airworthy home­-based RFC & RNAS aircraft scrambled at Admiralty’s urgent request to oppose anticipated sortie by German fleet.

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