Diary November 21, 1914

Avro 504B
A Avro 504B Biplane with 80 hp Gnome engine, about to start. This type was one of the most successful machines in the early days of the war, owing to its durability, speed and climbing power. Avro504s carried out the first ever strategic bombing raid, when three RNAS aircraft attacked the Zeppelin sheds at Friedrichshafen.
War Diary of World War One for Saturday, November 21, 1914:

Air War

Germany – First British long-range bombing raid: 3 Avro 504s of RNAS (Sqn Cdr Featherstone-Briggs, Flt Cdr Babington and Flt Lt Sippe) starting from temporary base at Belfort, Alsace, and attack Zeppelin works at Fried­richshafen (each carries 4 x 20lb (ca. 9 kg) bombs). Zeppelin Z7 seriously damaged; a hydrogen gasworks destroyed and workshops damaged. Heavy anti-aircraft fire cripples Featherstone-Briggs’ aircraft, he makes forced landing and is badly injured by civilians but military treat him well. Sippe returns safely to Belfort carrying a fused bomb, hung up on a crude rack.
France: Future ace Guynemer accepted as pupil mechanic at Pau airfield.
North Sea: All RNAS float planes and hangars at Scapa Flow seaplane station wrecked in gale.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Austrian XI Corps breaks Serb Gukoshi-Maljen line. At Belgrade French naval guns fire 78 shells, scoring 2 hits that ground a monitor.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: British occupy Basra (formal entry on November 23, 6 Germans arrested) and ally themselves with Sheikh of Mohammera next day,

Home Fronts

Germany: Admiral Tirpitz tells American journalist: ‘England wants to starve us … We are superior… in U-boats.

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