Diary November 3, 1914

Admiral von Spee
Admiral Maximilian von Spee (left), the victor of the Battle of Coronel, at Valparaiso (Chile).
War Diary of World War One for Tuesday, November 3, 1914:

Sea War

North Sea: 3 German battlecruis­ers (Hipper) briefly shell Yarmouth to cover cruiser Kolberg which is laying 130 mines 15 miles (ca. 24 km) off the coast. Returning cruiser Yorck hits 2 German mines off the Jade and sinks next day. Fisher orders Admiralty to build a record of 600 warships. Grand Fleet return to Scapa Flow from L Swilly.
2 British battlecruis­ers and 2 French battleships bombard (76 shells) outer Dardanelles forts, Sedd-el-Bahr magazine explosion (150 killed).
Pacific: Spee is with his squadron at Valparaiso until November 4. He replies to German colony flowers and speaks: ‘They will do for my funeral’.

Eastern Front

Poland: Hindenburg decides to strike at Warsaw again, from northwest; Ninth Army (4 corps) transferred to north (by November 9) in 800 trains. German Army Detachment Woyrsch formed (existing until December 15, 1917).
Russian Fourth Army defeats Austro­-Germans at Kielce and recover it.

Western Front

Flanders­: Allies occupy abandoned German positions on Yser.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: IEF’D’ arrives off Shall-al­-Arab sandbar.

Far East

Tsingtao: Radio and electricity stations destroyed; German attack repulsed.

African Fronts

East Africa: Brigade-General Stewart’s 1,500 British, 4 guns and 6 MGs first cross Northern frontier but are repulsed with 53 casualties from Longido by Major Kraut’s 669 Germans (50 casualties) who evacuate it on November 6. Imperial Service Brigade (300 casualties) repulsed from Tanga.
Upper Senegal-Niger­: French capture Tuareg rebel leader Firhoun (jailed with 5 others on January 15, 1915).

Home Fronts

Germany: Falkenhayn confirmed as German CoS.
Britain: HMG recognizes Kuwait’s independence.
Italy: Baron Sonnino becomes Foreign Minister. Salandra Cabinet reshuffle.

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