Diary November 30, 1914

British artillerymen at Ypres
British artillerymen prime shells and prepare to fire a light field gun from behind rudimentary defenses in the Ypres sector at Flanders.
War Diary for Monday, November 30, 1914:

Western Front

Flanders: Artillery duels. King George V first visits BEF, now 200,000 strong.
Artois: Artillery duels.

Eastern Front

Poland: Battle of Lowicz­-Sanniki until December 17 involves German Ninth Army reinforced by 9 divisions against Russian First Army (Litvinov) whose VI Corps and II Caucasus (Gourko) Corps hold firm until retreat behind shorter river Bzura line ordered on December 6.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Potiorek orders 4-day Austrian pause until December 3 to bring up supplies.

Middle East

Armenia: Tsar inspects front and tells Armenian Catholics ‘… a most brilliant future awaits the Armenians’.

Secret War

North Sea: British fishing trawler off the island of Texel recovers German VB naval code from sunken German destroyer; in Admiralty hands by December 3.

Home Fronts

Germany: Unemployment down to 8.2%.
Britain: Custodian of Enemy Property appointed. In November Sculptor Rodin presents 20 works to V & A Museum as ‘thank you’ to BEF.
France: Government publishes Yellow Book on war’s origins.

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