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Diary November 9, 1944

Bombed up P-47D of Ninth Air Force
Bombed up P-47D-28 of Ninth Air Force (353rd sqd, 354th FG) taxing in preparation for a tactical sortie.
War Diary for Thursday, November 9, 1944:

Western Front

Polish Division defeats German rearguard at Moerdijk (Holland); booty including ex-BEF Bofors anti-aircraft guns, vintage 1940.
US 3rd Army tanks plow through heavy rain and deep mud in Lorraine.

Air War

Europe: 8th USAAF heavy bombers and 9th USAAF fighter-bombers attack numerous targets ahead of advanc­ing 3rd US Army. RAF 2nd TAF attacks rail targets in Holland.
Germany: 277 RAF bombers attacking Wanne-Eickel and dropping 1,315 t of bombs.

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