Diary October 2, 1914

German troops advance
German troops advance during the fightings on the Western Front.
War Diary of World War One for Friday, October 2, 1914:

Western Front

Near Arras Maud’huy is under heavy pressure from 3 German corps until October 6.
Sir J French reports to King George ‘.. the spade will be as great a necessity as the rifle…the heaviest…artillery’.
Antwerp­: Fort Koningshoyckt and Lierre abandoned. Germans take Termonde.

Eastern Front

East Prussian Frontier: Russians recover Mariampol.

Southern Fronts

Bosnia: Serb-Montenegrin threat to Sarajevo revived till October 4.

Secret War

Ireland: First German wartime spy Karl Lody arrested. Trial begins October 30.

Home Fronts

Britain: Admiral Lord Beresford in Aberdeen recruiting speech says ‘All alien enemies should be locked up!’. Kitchener recalls Sir A Keogh as DG Army Medical Services.

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