Diary October 24, 1914

Belgian Drachen-type kite balloon
Belgian Drachen-type kite balloon over Flanders in 1914.
War Diary of World War One for Saturday, October 24, 1914:

Western Front

Flanders: British 7th Division expels Germans from Polygon Wood. French marines in Dixmude repel 15 attacks.
Germans bombard Fumes until October 27, Belgian headquarter 6 miles (ca. 10 km) behind Yser sector. The Belgian army has suffered more than 25% losses and only 180 guns left serviceable.
Vpres: French counteroffensive northeast of town soon peters out but IX Corps recaptures Zonnebeke despite 6-division German attack.

Eastern Front

Poland: Russian Second Army takes 11 guns from Frommel’s Cavalry Corps and only XI Corps arrival on next day saves latter.

Secret War

Turkey: Enver orders Admiral Souchon to enter Black Sea and attack Russians in his own time.

African Fronts

South Africa: Beyers rebels in Transvaal, stops trains and removing men and weapons. Government tries to negotiate.

Sea War

North Sea, Flanders: Allied squadron now 2 cruisers, 2 monitors, 1 gunboat, 2 sloops and 13 destroyers strong (fire is directed by balloon since October 21).

Home Fronts

France: Teachers’ Federation Journal suspended at Marseilles for opposing war.
Austria: Czech Union declares it has never been against the state, only against its government.
Britain: Field Marshal Kitchner appeals to public not to treat soldiers to drink.

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