Diary October 27, 1914

HMS Audacious
HMS Audacious. Completed in January 1913. First battleship to be lost in World War One with a normal displacement of 23,000 tons and 10 x 13.5-inch guns as main armament.
War Diary of World War One for Tuesday, October 27, 1914:

Sea War

Atlantic – FIRST DREAD­NOUGHT LOST: British battleship Audacious sunk by mines laid off 26 miles (ca. 42 km) northwest of Irish L Swilly (Tory Island) by German auxiliary ship Berlin (200 laid on October 26, not cleared till July 1915). Liner Olympic vainly tries to tow Audacious. Admiralty attempts to conceal loss, negated by her passen­gers’ photographs.
Black Sea: Turco-German Fleet sails from Bosphorus, ostensibly on exercise.

Western Front

Flanders: Belgian Army comes under severe pressure from German III Reserve Corps and Marine Division. Haig’s I Corps re­enters line east of Ypres. Falkenhayn visits Sixth Army HQ forms Army Group Fabeck (6 divisions south of Ypres).
Aisne: Artillery Colonel Nivelle promoted to general.

Secret War

Unknown to Allies until after Armistice, Germans fire c.3,000 shrapnel shells with non-lethal tear gas around Neuve Chapelle.

African Fronts

East Africa: Anglo-Belgian Conference at Kibati.
South Africa: Botha defeats Beyers at Commissie Drift near Rustenburg, he flees to southwest.


USA: US protests to Britain about SS Kroonland detention at Gibraltar (copper cargo seized), also Standard Oil tanker Platuria seizure on October 23.

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