Diary October 6, 1914

German soldiers on the Eastern Front 1914
German soldiers on the Eastern Front wait for the order to assault.
War Diary of World War One for Tuesday, October 6, 1914:

Eastern Front

Poland and Galicia: General Russian retreat, having lost 8,000 men and 9 guns to Germans since September 28.

Western Front

Antwerp: Germans take Lierre. Belgian Army begins to evacuate city (night 6-7). Rawlinson’s British 7th Division and 3rd Cavalry Division (21,942 men, 9580 horses, 69 guns) disembark too late at Ostend and Zeebrugge (until October 8).
Artois: Arras comes under heavy German bombardment. Foch tells Maud’huy ‘… hang on like lice’; Germans repulsed (until October 8).
Flanders: French Territorials drive Marwitz’s II Cavalry Corps back to line Lens-Lille.

African Fronts

Cameroons: 50 French from Duala capture Yapoma Bridge.
Southwest Africa: Lieutenant-Colonel Maritz confers with the Germans.

Sea War

Atlantic: Cruiser Karlsruhe sinks 8 British merchant ships until October 26.
North Sea: HM Submarine E9 sinks German destroyer S116 (10 crew members lost, 55 survivors) at mouth of Ems.

Home Fronts

Belgium: Government moves from Antwerp to Ostend.

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