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Diary September 12, 1944

Jeepload of US wounded at the Moselle
Photo from this day: a jeepload of wounded pass US troops crossing river Moselle.
WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, September 12, 1944:

Western Front

US 1st Army crosses Belgian-German border, near Eupen. Surrender of Le Havre.


ALLIED-ROMANIAN ARMISTICE signed in Moscow: Romania to supply 12 divisions to fight Germany and Hungary; Russian-Romanian frontier to follow line agreed June 28, 1940; Romania to pay partial reparations for damage inflicted on Russian territory; Vienna Award of August 1940 cancelled and Transylvania to be returned to Romania.

Air War

Germany: 234 RAF bombers attacking Darmstadt and dropping 869 t of bombs.

Southern France Campaign losses:

Casualties 32,311 PoWs taken by US forces; 47,717 taken by French 1,395 dead; 5,879 wounded and missing 1,144 dead; 4,346 wounded
Guns 1,316 captured

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