Diary September 17, 1939

Cartoon: Hitler and Stalin are going together to catch their prey
A Swedish cartoon about the Nazi-Soviet Pact. Hitler and Stalin are going together to catch their prey.
WW2 War Diary for Sunday, September 17, 1939:


RUSSIAN INVASION OF POLAND against negligible defenses.
German Army Groups North and South link up at Wlodawa, on river Bug, Eastern Poland. Brest-Litovsk Citadel captured.
Polish Government crosses into Romania from border town of Kuty – its fifth, and last, temporary seat in the Polish provinces. All surviving Polish air crews fly to Romania.

Sea War

Atlantic: CARRIER HMS COURAGEOUS SUNK by U-boat U-29 West of Ireland (514 of 1200 crew dead). British Fleet carriers withdrawn from anti-U-boat operations.

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