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Diary September 17, 1914

French infantry guards a canal bank
French infantry guards a canal bank. The officer still retains his distinctive kepi; the soldiers have done their best to tone down the outline of theirs so as not to attract attention.
War Diary of World War One for Thursday, September 17, 1914:

Western Front

Belgium: Battle of Mallnes­-Aerschot ends. BELGIAN ARMY RETIRES ON ANTWERP. General Beseler’s ‘Antwerp Army Group’ formed.
Somme: General Bridoux, new commander French I Cavalry Corps, killed in raid on German supply lines east of Peronne (de Mitry takes over).
Aisne: French Sixth Army gains 4 miles (6.44 km) between Soissons and Compiegne. British repel Germans west of Chemin­des-Dames. French Fifth Army evacuates Craonne and driven west of Aisne Canal.

Sea War

North Sea: Churchill in Grand Fleet conference at Loch Ewe; Baltic or Heligoland attack ruled out, but Keyes suggests sending 2 subma­rines into Baltic. Fleet returns to Scapa Flow on September 24.

African Fronts

South Africa: German border raid near Nakob.
Cameroons: 57 Nigerian police repel Germans at Takum. Allied force reaches Lagos.

Secret War­

Western Front: Cryptographers attached to each French army HQ.

Home Fronts

Australia: New Labour Prime Minister Fisher says Australia will back Britain ‘to the last man and to the last shilling’.

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