Diary January 19, 1915

UB-1 class
The small German UB-1 class are coastal submarines which could be transported by rail to their area of operation. They are used either in Belgium or later in the Adriatic Sea.
War Diary World War One for Tuesday, January 19, 1915:

Sea War

Germany: First UB-class coastal U-boat UB-1 launched at Kiel, completed in 75 days. Class of 17 U-boats launched by April 23.
North Sea: German aircraft sights Beatty’s force on reconnaissance sweep west of Heligoland Bight.

Western Front

Joffre admonishes BEF C-in-C that priority is massing of reserves rather than offensive towards Ostend-Zeebrugge.
Flanders: Snowstorms impede operations.
Alsace: ­German attack on Hart­mannsweiler Kopf preempts French offensive (fighting continues until January 22).

Air War

Britain – FIRST ZEPPELIN RAID ON BRITAIN: German Navy airships L3 and L4 ineffectually bomb East Anglia in night 19-20 January. 20 civilian casualties including 2 children, £7740 worth of damage.
2 RFC FB5 ‘Gunbus’ (No 7 Sqn) fly first-ever night sorties but engine failures entail forced landings.


Germany: Government protests to US against seaplane sales to Allies; Bryan replies on January 29 that these are not warships.

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