Diary April 12, 1944

T-34 tanks near Odessa 1944
Tank rider’ infantry disembarks from T-34-85 tanks (armed with the longer 85mm gun) during the fightings near Odessa in 1944.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, April 12, 1944:

Eastern Front

Southern Sector: 3rd Ukrainian Front captures Tirasapol, 97 km northwest of Odessa.

Occupied Territories

Italy: King Victor Emmanuel announces his plans to retire from office when Allies enter Rome, and to appoint Crown Prince Umberto of Piedmont ‘Lieutenant of the Realm’.

Sea War

Black Sea: Evacuation of 61,600 German-Rumanian troops and Russian auxiliaries from Crimea to Constanta (April 12-16).

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