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Diary April 13, 1918

British soldiers at an improvised field kitchen
British soldiers at an improvised field kitchen. There is a lot of discouragement among British troops and desertions are coming. A Brit reported: ‘It is not the bar to get in the doubt that the Germans will take the channel ports’.
World War One Diary for Saturday, April 13, 1918:

Western Front

Flanders – Battle of Bailleul (until April 15): Germans gain less than 1/2 mile vs British 34th and 59th Divisons. Ludendorff sacks II Bavarian Corps commander. British 25th Division reoccupies Neuve Eglise, but loses it on April 14 again.

Eastern Front

Finland: Germans take Helsinki for 200 casualties, White Finnish Government says entirely at their request. White Western Army occupies Pori and its railway with Rauma on April 17.
Baltic States­: United Diets resolve to form separate state within German Empire.
Kuban: White Volunteer Army repulsed from Ekaterinodar, Komilov killed by Soviet shell, Denikin succeeds and orders retreat north back to Don.

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