Diary April 16, 1918

Open warfare breaks out on the Western Front
Open warfare breaks out on the Western Front for the first time since 1914. Here, German howitzers advance.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, April 16, 1918:

Western Front

Flanders: Passchendaele reoccupied by German Fourth Army. Wytschaete and Meteren (with record c.1,000 ΝΖ PoWs) lost and retaken by Allies. Haig praises 55th Division’s gallantry at Givenchy (April 9-17) ίπ special dispatch.
Artois: ­Heaνy fighting south of Arras.

Home Fronts

Britain: Military Services Bill passed.
USA­: Schwab made Director-General Shipbuilding (4 Εast Coast shipping firms taken ονer on April 11).
Rumania: League of the People Party formed at Jassy, General Averescu leader.

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