Diary April 16, 1916

German postcard
German postcard with the popular nurse motif.
Diary for Sunday, April 16, 1916:

Western Front

Flanders: British trench raid south of Bethune-La Bassee road.

Eastern Front

Baltic Provinces: Russian Twelfth Army Chief of Staff orders secret police, informers, patrols and officers to deal with anti-war leaflets in XIII Corps.

Middle East

Turkey: 106 Royal Marines and Greek irregulars occupy the Long island in gulf of Smyrna entrance (until May 27).
Mesopotamia, Kut: Flour ration cut to 4oz per man, Indian issued opium pills against hunger.

Air War

Western Front: 9 French aircraft bomb Contlans and Arnairlle rail stations and factories at Rombach (night April 16-17).

Home Fronts

Austria: War Profit Taxes imposed.

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