Diary April 17, 1941

Surrender of Yugoslav soldiers.
Surrender of Yugoslav soldiers.
Diary for Monday, April 17, 1941:


YUGOSLAV ARMY CAPITULATES: Generals Bodi (Yugoslav) and Weichs (German) sign armistice in Belgrade. King Peter escapes from Kotor in RAF Sunderland flying boat.

Air War

Europe: 118 RAF bombers, including Stirlings, raid Berlin (night April 17-18), minor raids on Cologne and Rotterdam. 8 bombers lost.
Britain: Night raid on Portsmouth.


USA: Car production to be cut for military production by 1,000,000 from August 1, 1941.

Sea War

Atlantic: Disguised German raider Atlantis sinks Egyptian liner Zamzam (8,300 t.) and captures 312 passengers, including 138 Americans.

Yugoslav Campaign losses:

Yugoslav military 343,712 ???
Yugoslav civilian in Belgrade alone- 17,000- 20,000
German Wehrmacht-15115392

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