Diary April 16, 1919

Armed Red Workers and Soldiers
Armed Red Workers and Soldiers in Germany.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, April 16, 1919:

Germany – Bavaria: ‘Red Victory of Dachau’; battalion of new Bavarian Red Army (c.20,000 strong) captures Dachau, northwest of Munich, routing or capturing c. 2000 Freikorps soldiers of previous government which now accepts Berlin’s help.
Rumania: Army invades Red Hungary with 4 divisions (plus 3 in reserve) to forestall any attempt to reconquer Transylvania.
Baltic States: General Goltz’s German troops overthrow Latvian Government at Libau.
South Russia: Last White Volunteers leave Crimea covered by French troops.
Britain: Lloyd George triumphantly defends his decisions in House of Commons. Coalminers ballot accepts Sankey proposals. Naval, Military and Air Force Act extends conscription where needed to June 1920.

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