Diary April 17, 1916

Alpini uses possibilities for movement
In the Dolomites it is important to use all the possibilities for movement, as this Italian Alpini shows.
Diary for Monday, April 17, 1916:

Southern Fronts

Dolomites: Italian mine exploded (night April 17-18), kills 100 Austro-Hungarians and 160 PoWs made as Colonel di Lana taken, but later assaults on Mt Sief fail with loss of 2,000 Italian soldiers.

Middle East

Mesopotamia – Battle of Bait Aisa (until April 18): 3rd Indian Division (8,362 infantery) storms salient in Turk defences, Gurkhas take 2 guns but 10,000 Turks including German officers (4,000 casualties) counter­attack five times to regain salient (British losses 1,600 + 15 MGs).

Western Front

Verdun: Germans repulsed between Meuse and Douaumont.

Sea War

Eastern Atlantic: First UE minelayer U73 lays 12 mines off Lisbon (Norwegian steamer sunk).


Italy: Government prohibits trading with Germany.


USA: Meat packers agree to British supervision of meat exports to European neutrals for duration.

Home Fronts

Britain: London rumors of Prime Ministers resignation.
Ireland: ­General Stafford letter from Cork gives Dublin GOC (General Officer Commanding) only waning of Rising (unheeded).

Oval@3x 2

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