Diary April 2, 1917

President Woodrow Wilson addresses Congress
President Woodrow Wilson addresses Congress this day, asking those present to support war against Germany.
World War One Diary for Monday, April 2, 1917:


USA: President Wilson‘s war message to Congress ‘The world must be made safe for democracy’.
Britain: US and British flags fly from Victoria Tower, Westminster.

Western Front

Aisne: French rangefinder and counter-battery work begins for 4,544 guns (3 million shells) but hampered by weather and German air opposition.
Artois: BEF capture 9 villages (6 fall to 7th Division and 4th Australian Division with 700 killed and 240 PoWs for 1,000 casualties) between Arras and St Quentin.
France: Petain meets Prime Minister Ribot for first time at dinner.

Sea War

Mediterranean: 13 German and 2 Austrian U-boats at sea.

Home Fronts

Russia: Equal rights for women. Legal and religious curbs and capital punishment abolished, 8 hour day for workers on April 6.

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