Diary April 22, 1915

German soldiers wear an early form of gas-mask
German soldiers wear an early form of gas-mask consisting of a gauze pad tied around the mouth and nose.
Diary for Thursday, April 22, 1915:

Western Front

SECOND BATTLE OF YPRES (until May 13): Battle of Graven­stafel (Ridge) (until April 23). Big Berthas shell Ypres. FIRST WESTERN FRONT POISON GAS ATTACK begun by German Fourth Army at 1700 hours near Langemarck: 3 1/4 mile front lined with 4,000 chlorine cylinders. 168t of chlorine released within 5 minutes. 2 German divisions attack French 45th Algerian Division supported on right by Canadian 1st Division, near St Julien. Germans wearing respirators cautiously ‘mop up’ on Pilkem Ridge, taking c. 2,000 PoWs and 51 guns. French Colonials flee across canal causing 800 yards (731.52 m) gap in Allied line. Fierce fighting for Canadian wood west of St Julien; finally secured by Germans.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Royal Navy steam picket boat launches 2 torpedoes at Austrian Danube Flotilla anchorage (night 22-23); British believe monitor Koros sunk, actually just a dummy vessel.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Townshend, new GOC 6th Indian Division, arrives Basra.


Anglo-Norwegian Oil Agree­ment.

Home Fronts

Britain: Admiral Lord Beresford criticizes Dardanelles operations in House of Lords.

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