Diary April 25, 1915

River Clyde on the beach of Gallipoli
The British troopship ‘River Clyde’ has set aground directly on the beach of Gallipoli.
Diary for Sunday, April 25, 1915:

Middle East

BRITISH LANDINGS ON GALLIPOLI PENINSULA: 33,000 Allies land round Cape Helles, at Anzac Cove (mistakenly) and Kum Kale in Asia (3,000 French in feint until next day). Losses: Allies c.4,178, Turk c.4,730.

Sea War

Aegean and Dardanelles: Allied landings on Gallipoli Peninsula supported by 18 battleships, 2 cruisers, 29 destroyers and 8 submarines which fire 8,010 shells. River Clyde, converted collier landing ship at V Beach, fails to work as planned but her crew win 5 Victoria Cross. Australian submarine AE2 sinks Turk gunboat in Narrows and is first Allied boat into Sea of Marmara.
East Africa: RNAS Short ‘folder’ seaplane photographs cruiser Königsberg but unable to bomb.
North Sea: First sea-going U-boat U21 (Hersing) sails for Mediterranean from Wilhelmshaven (refuels with wrong fuel oil off Northwest Spain on May 2).
Black Sea: Russian squadron bombards Bosphorus forts (repeated on May 2, 3, 4).

Western Front

Ypres: Lizerne again in German hands. British 10th Brigade loses 2,419 casualties in vain bid to recapture St Julien.

African Fronts

Southwest Africa: Smuts (arrived at Kalkfontein on April 10 to command in the South) mauls German rearguard at Gibeon until next day, Central Railway.

Oval@3x 2

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