Diary April 25, 1916

British infantry fire on the Four Courts
British infantry fire on the Four Courts – a central Irish rebel strongpoint in Dublin.
Diary for Tuesday, April 25, 1916:

Home Fronts

Ireland, Easter Rising: Martial law in Dublin.
Britain: Parliament secret session postpones call up of married men 27-35.

Western Front

Aisne: After 8-hours barrage 3 French battalions fail to regain ground lost on March 10 until following day, General Mazel suspends operation.

Southern Fronts

Balkans: Joffre writes to CIGS (Chief of Imperial General Staff) Robertson suggesting Salonika offensive as soon as Serb Army arrives, argues Rumania will come in as a result, but British only acknowledge on May 3.

African Fronts

East Africa: 1st British division through train from Voi reaches Moshi thus joining the German Usambara or Tanga Railway.

Sea War

North Sea: 4 battlecruisers (under Boedicker, because Hipper is ill) shell Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft (20 civilian and 3 military casualties, c.200 houses destroyed) for 20 minutes. Yarmouth’s shelling shortened by Harwich Force intervention (flagship cruiser Conquest sustains 5 hits, 25 killed). Cruiser Penelope torpedoed by German coastal-submarine UB29 on way home but towed into Chatham.

Air War

Western Front: 16 Anglo-German air combats. Royal Flying Corps aircraft and balloons range 72 artillery targets (65 on April 28, 49 on April 29).


Coal for Scandinavia not to sail in neutral ships unless with Allied return cargoes.

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