Diary April 25, 1917

HMS E22 had been converted into a transport submarine for sea planes.
World War One Diary for (day), (Datum):

Sea War

North Sea: UB-18 (Steinbrinck) sinks Royal Navy sub E22 after latter tries to ram.
Channel: German destroyers shell Dunkirk, (night April 24-25), French destroyer Etendard sunk with all hands, but Anglo­-French patrols repel them. Others shell Ramsgate (5 civilian casualties) (night April 26-27).

Air War

Macedonia: 6 British fighters with 8 bombers encounter KG 1 bomber formation; latter is dispersed (each side loses 1 plane). British bombers proceed to attack designated objective (dumps at Bogdanci).


Chile: Government breaks relations with Germany.
USA: Government loans Britain $200 millions.
China­: Provincial military governors meet in Peking and agree war should be declared against Germany.

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