Diary April 29, 1945

remains US destroyer 'Hazelwood'
The remains of the US destroyer ‘Hazelwood’, which is hit that day off Okinawa by a Kamikaze plane.
Diary for Sunday, April 29, 1945:


SURRENDER OF 1 MILLION GERMAN TROOPS IN NORTHERN ITALY AND AUSTRIA, signed in secret at Caserta, near Naples (effective May 2).

Western Front

British capture Lauenburg, trapping German forces in Denmark.

Russian Front

Battle of Berlin: Hitler marries Eva Braun and dictates ‘Political Testament’; Russians capture Moabit power station and Anhalter railway terminal.

Sea War

Arctic: Last battle between U-boat ‘wolf-pack’ and Allied convoy escorts. 2 U-boats sunk; U-427 mirac­ulously survives prolonged attacks with 678 depth charges; frigate Goodall sunk.

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