Diary April 5, 1916

French soldiers at Verdun
French soldiers under artillery fire at Verdun.
Diary for Wednesday, April 5, 1916:

Western Front

Verdun: Germans take Haucourt, but are repulsed at Bethincourt.
Meuse: German floating mines detonated in river at St Mihiel.

Middle East

Mesopotamia – Third Kut relief attempt: Tigris Corps with 30,357 men; 127 guns; 11 planes and 4 gunboats, but lacking of officers against 20,000 Turks with 88 guns.
Battles of Hanna and Fallahiya: British 13th Division (1,868 casualties) takes 2 lightly held Turk forward positions.

Sea War

Allied Navies complete Serb Army’s evacuation without losing a single soldier after 1,159 escort voyages: 81 Allied (25 French, 45 Italian, 11 British) steamers made 322 voyages since December 12 to evacuate 260,895 men (145,957 to Corfu), 10,153 horses and 68 guns. LARGEST SEA EVACUATION IN HISTORY UNTIL DUNKIRK.
25 Austro-German air and 26 U-boat attacks sink 8 Italian and French steamers plus 11 Allied warships (3 Italian including cruiser, 5 British minesweepers, French destroyer and 2 submarines).
Black Sea: Battlecruiser Breslau active near Trebizond as Russian battleship Rotislav, 4 destroyers and 2 gunboats assist coastal combined operations (until April 16).
Channel: Coastal-submarine UB26, caught in Royla Navy drifter net, scuttles off Le Havre but refloated and becomes French submarine Roland Morillot on August 30, 1917.

Occupied countries

Belgium: ­Bethmann Reichstag speech outlines Flemish protectorate policy.

Home Fronts

Italy: War Minister General Zupelli resigns, General Morone succeeds.
Russia: Britain Prepared film premiere in Moscow.

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