Diary April 6, 1941

bombs are dropped on Belgrade
In the morning German incendiary bombs are dropped on Belgrade.
Diary for Sunday, April 6, 1941:


GERMAN INVASION OF YUGOSLAVIA AND GREECE: Germans employ 15 divisions (with 5 Panzer divisions) and 800 aircraft. Yugoslav Government flees from Belgrade to Uzice.

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Air War

Europe: LUFTWAFFE DESTROYS BELGRADE (Operation Bestrafung = ‘Punishment’) and raids Yugoslav air bases. German bombers and Ju 87 Stukas fly 500 sorties against undefended Yugoslav capital, starting huge fires, destroying many public buildings and hospitals and Royal Palace; fleeing civilians strafed (raids repeated April 7-8). Approx. 17,000 killed, April 6-8.
British munition ship Clan Fraser explodes during German raid on Piraeus (night April 6-7) wrecking harbour, sinking 13 other ships and inflicting heavy casualties.
RAF Beaufort torpedo-bomber hits battlecruiser Gneisenau at Brest.
Wellington bombers attacking Sofia (Bulgaria).

North Africa

Rommel captures Mechili, south of Derna.

Sea War

Atlantic: Armed merchant cruiser Comorin (15,400 t.) destroyed by fire from an accident.


US Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, describes German invasion of Balkans as ‘barbarous’.

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