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Diary April 7, 1916

statue Hindenburg in Berlin
Still during the war, this imposing statue is erected in honor of Hindenburg in Berlin.
Diary for Friday, April 7, 1916:

Eastern Front

Reception at German GHQ (Kovno) to mark Hindenburg’s 50 years military service.
Tsar inspects Ninth Army at Kamenets-Podolsk, meeting Brusilov there (until April 10).

Western Front

Britain: CIGS (Chief of Imperial General Staff) cables HMG’s (His Majesty’s Government) approval of Anglo-French summer offensive.

African Fronts

Western Desert: British armoured cars raid Moraisa (18 miles northwest of Sollum); 2 German radios, 287,000 cartridges and some rifles captured.

Air War

Italian Front: Future top Italian ace Baracca scores first victory, an Austrian Aviatik forced down near Gorizia (Isonzo).


Germany: Bethmann replies to Asquith: German food prospects good; Allies refused to consider peace in September 1915; Central Powers will settle Polish question.
Rumanian­-German grain treaty.

Home Fronts

Britain: Sheffield Exhibition of enemies former imports (­until April 13).

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